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What's the quickest way to audition different cabinets?


Hearing how drastic the difference is between cabinet IR's on the axe/modeling in general is pretty staggering. I want to find an efficient way to switch between cabs/try a lot of cabs, but the way I'm working is REALLY cumbersome, given the shear number of cabinets?

Is there a way to organize cabinets? For example, I'm trying to build a patch/scene using the Friedman BE. I want to first try it with some V30 IR's, and then try the G12H IR's.

I've looped a little lick and am playing it back, but each time I have to search 'V30'. Sounds liek a minor thing but I want to be able to select like a group of 10 different cabinets and cycle through them. Is there anyway to do this efficiently? This is what I HATE about IR's and the axe TBH, the IR has such a huge impact on tone, but IMO the way i'm working is so cumbersome....and I feel like I'm just guessing through 300 pages of cabs, hoping one of them sounds decent.

How do you guys audition IR's?


Don't know if this is what you're asking, but iof you look up a cab on the wiki, it suggests cabs that might fit well with that particular amp. At least helped me narrow down the cabs I test a bit.


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Using the looper is one method, but unfortunately this doesn't give you the "feel" factor for each cab. I would love a Cab Increment/Decrement MIDI command so I could assign IA switches on my controller to cycle through the cabs while playing. This way, you could audition the cabs by how they sound and feel, and not be influenced by the type of cab (name). Imagine how fast you could go through 100 cab IR's this way. For me, I typically don't even try some cabs due their naming, not a good habit.
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