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What's So Great About Stereo?


Listing in mono, you may as well plug up one of your ears, That's what's so good about Stereo you get to use both of your ears and fill that space between them with glorious sound!


So you are saying that if I have my laptop set up to the Axe and then use the Axe for Audio out, it will play music through the monitors?


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You'd be surprised at the number of big artists I work with who play stereo in large venues. It works if the effects are dramatic and intentional such as sweeping pans, hard pingpong, or wide harmonies.
IMO, it works even better in smaller venues, where nobody is a mile away from another channel.


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We play live gigs in stereo and it sounds very good. Even to side patrons. I think the determining factor is your stereo mix, power of PA, and the size of the venue, as vangrieg mentions. As well it's easy enough to move a couple of controls and narrow the image field if there ever was a problem. We just haven't had to do that yet.


I have been using the Roland JC-40, plug direct into the effect loop. Sounds great to me. I do not use the effects or distortion on the amp, I bring all that in via the AX8. Plenty loud for me, in fact, in my studio I have to have the AX8 output turned WAY down. It is light enough for an old man to haul around with little trouble. I love the stereo, I can pan stereo cabs left and right, and/or process a wet/dry/wet signal. It may not be as pure as the purists, but I can get many wonderful clean and dirty tones.

I was looking at these the other day, also looking at the JC-20, are you happy with yours and how it sounds with your AX8?


You'd be surprised at the number of big artists I work with who play stereo in large venues. It works if the effects are dramatic and intentional such as sweeping pans, hard pingpong, or wide harmonies.
Pink Floyd for the Division Bell tour used tons of stereo and quadraphonic efx. Sounded amazing in an outdoor american college football stadium (Legion Field, Birmingham, Alabama).

That had several remote speaker stacks including 4 equally spaced at the top of the stadium all the way around. The cash register sound for the Money intro was panned among these four stacks creating a really cool quadraphonic effect.

Acoustic guitar with wide panned delays sounds amazing live too.


How do you hook up monitors so you can run the axe and listen to music from your computer?
I use a small $99 two channel Mackie mixer. From the headphone jack of my computer, I use a cable that goes from 1/8" plug to two RCA plugs. I plug the Axe (either stereo or actually mono is better for copying stuff) into the mixer inputs. Mixer, of course, lets you adjust relative volume of each. Works great and in the beginning I was surprised how much more clearly I could hear what I was trying to copy.


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Still haven't pulled the trigger in monitors. Where I'm stuck is if I should buy one or two for my basement? I don't crank it too loud so would having it be in stereo be that much cooler? Where a normal guitar cab isn't in stereo, what it makes stereo so great?
Is it that much cooler? Waaaay cooler! Its the same difference as if you were in your basement listening to your favorite music.....would you rather hear it in stereo or mono? If you want to take it one step further and have "the whole enchilada" so to speak, then get a third monitor or a small cab and power amp and set it up for w/d/w, and you will have sonic bliss, at any volume! Well worth the effort, especialy if playing at home where it remains set up all the time.


What's so great about stereo?: Rotary!!!!
Granted: Nothing but a real Leslie gives you that three dimensional quality, and hiring a Hammond B3 player is the best way to go, but that's not always possible. Stereo is acceptable, but IMO, mono is setting the bar too low.

If you don't use the rotary cabinet, uh, really? I don't know what to say. I guess mono could work. ;)


It's funny to see how each topic contains opposite answers.
My opinion is that the pa system or the room itself can be forbidding stereo usage of the axefx, but just an enhancer block sounds fantastic and i'm not even talking about 2 amps or two cabs usage...
I play on mono pa systems, but if I could, I would go stereo all the way !


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Stereo just sounds bigger. The skeptic in me questioned if it was just louder so I conducted an experiment using two different amps; each amp alone into a 2X12 cabinet at various volumes, then both amps into the same cabinet, separating the speakers for each amp. The result was significantly bigger tone at any volume. It doesn't matter if I use stereo effects or not but stereo effects really add that cool, spacious tone.
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