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What you top 5 fav Amps in the Box at the moment ?


I love these threads because it's like a list of things I have to try at some point. Like GAS except it doesn't cost money, just time.

Also, I need to check out the JP2C.


someone do a poll ;). I can see almost every amp being listed eventually. It would be more interesting and great to see what percentage of users uses each amp.


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Triptik Clean
AC-20 Trebles
Brit 800 & #34
JS410 Crunch Orange/Red
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Ha! I forgot the Mesa Lonestar was in there. I'll have to fire up a patch with it later.
I was a regular user of a Lonestar Classic head into a Marshall 4x12 before I picked up the AxeIII. It's scary how close to the real thing it sounds and it's actually easier to dial in.


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someone do a poll ;). I can see almost every amp being listed eventually. It would be more interesting and great to see what percentage of users uses each amp.

How do we create a poll?
JP2C so far would likely be there
Maybe we poll a top ten?

York Audio

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It’s tough to narrow it down to 5, but these have been nailing it for me lately.

BE C45
USA Lead Mid Gain Bright
AC20 EF86 (both channels)
Deluxe Verb Vibrato
Tie between Plexi 2204 and Plexi 1970

I use a lot more, but those tend to be my main go-to amps.


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The ones I currently love the most are:

5F8 Tweed
AC-20 12AX7 Bass
Angle Severe 2
Carol-Ann Triptik Modern
FAS Skull Crusher (I don't see much discussion on this model. This model with the FAS Boost input boost is killer for tight high-gain rhythm tones)


1987x is my favorite for dynamics and touch sensitivity
FAS Skull Crusher drive around 3
FAS Lead 1
Still looking for a favorite clean :)


The Morgan AC20 EF86 amps
The Carol Ann Tucana
The Ruby Rocket
Plexi 50W Jumped
The Matchless DC30 (someday...someday the EF86 channel will come...)

I could definitely live with this list. I haven’t really tried out the Matchless, and I’ve always loved the real deal DC30. Need to get on this!

The Ruby Rocket is pretty amazing


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If the Axe-FX had nothing but Mesa/Boogie models, I'd be happy. The Mark IV, JP-2C, and Rectifiers are where it's at for me.
If the Axe didn't have Mesa/Boogie models, I'd be happy. :D
Sorry man. Try as I might, I simply couldn't resist. ;)

I will agree that the JP model sounds great, one that I use occasionally.


My list would be:

The Hiwatt with an assortment of pedals
Morgan AC20 Treble
Brit Brown
Bludojai Clean



Love the post. Some stuff I definitely need to check out... Would be cool if we'd comment on how or in what context we use certain amps. Anyways.. here are the I'm using with a HSH start for my corporate band.

Atomic High - I use it for most of my classic rock needs
ODS 100 Clean - Just started using it. It works really well with the 2nd and 4th position. I always thought the in-between positions sounded off with an HSH config as opposed to a 3 SC set-up. This amp works for me for Nile Rodgers type of playing and ''pop corn'' poppy lines. So far that's the closest I could come to a more tradionnal Strat / Blackface setting. Anyone has a suggestion for a similar application?
Herbert - When I need something a little more modern than a Marshall type of gain.
Tweed Deluxe - Love that little amp for some old school 50's 60's rock and roll. Really cool texture and a very versatile clean. The 5f8 deserves a mention here too.
As for #5 spot I'll add a few that I keep coming back to... JMP-1's, Friedman HBE, Bandmaster, Super Reverb, AC30, AC-20, Shiva Clean ( Nice with a TS ).
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