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What would REALLY help.. some Axe FX ii/CLR patches uploaded..


I reckon the title says it all.. there's lovers and then there's, well, not so lovers of the CLR.. I've got one, and I know I'm not getting the best out of it with my Axe FX ii..

For those that do have it and swear by it, I'd like to know what it is that makes you swear by it sound-wise......... do you guys mind loading up a few patches so that some of us can hear the goodness of your Axe ii rigs, in conjunction with your CLR?!?! Clean, clean'ish, dirty, dirtier, and then dirty enough 'to make the reverend come around and bless the house' dirty!

Would help some of us that have two left feet!! ;)



Fractal Fanatic
Try the periphery low-mid gain preset on axe change. It sounds great with my humbuckers and clr.

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Fremen uploaded once again his whole three banks of presets. He uses two CLR cabs in stereo. They sound great to me. I have one CLR cab myself and his presets translate very well in my end.
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