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What was your first Digital Modeler?


Zoom PS02 and Line6 Toneport GX (for headphones/recording). Marshall JVM for live.
Still have both (not the JVM-it's in the Axefx).

toneport gx.jpg

Edit: And a PodXT Live (never used it live)
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Dr. Dipwad

Went from Digitech GSP-21 to the 2101, and then to the 2120, and then to a pair of Line6 Pod XTs in a rack with a TC G-Force blended by a SoundSculpture SB-16. I added a Digitech 1101 with the footcontroller for a while to control it all.

And then I went Fractal, and never looked back.


Don't know if it's considered more a MultiFX rather than a modeler but a Zoom 505 was the first stop for me, then Boss GT 3/Line 6 POD original both around the same time, the POD XT a few years after that.

Fractal have this market well and truly mastered IMO. Experiencing first hand where modeling started (which, lets face it sounded pretty shit), to where Fractal have it today is mind bending.
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I was JUST going to post this!! Well the mark ii version, it was a little rounder, but just as bad
I think it had like 2 usable tones in it, I used switched to tubes and used it as a portable tuner haha

I've also used and tried every digital device under the sun since I think.....always quickly ditched them and went back to tubes til Fractal! I guess I've always wanted to believe in the convenience and potential of them, but none of them delivered.....the last modelers I tried that were non-fractal were helix and Kemper and yes indeed, modeling has come a long way from these Dinosaurs were posting here but so far only Fractal has made me sell my coveted tube amps


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I'm also thoroughly ashamed and embarrassed to have gigged the offerings from zoom, the digitech RPs, various pods, boss GTs and roland VG gear, korg, vox, and a host of others....usually I'd play a total of one gig with them believing they'd sound great, and ditch them in favor of my amps again. I think I played a couple gigs with modelers like the xt live and the VG-99, before ditching them, but the majority of gigs saw me pack away these 'modelers' after the first gig!!

I also used eventide and tc electronic gear for fx before Fractal, with an engl preamp and a rack mount tech 21 psa......that's also a modeler, but of the analog type! Actually was pretty cool, 1U and digital preset recall of the analog values set by the encoders or something like that.....


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Peavey Profex II that I owned for 1 day. I didn't realize it had a drop out and lag when switching presets. Great unit for it's day, but that was a deal breaker for me.
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