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What was the trick for faster boot up?


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-Wi-Fi enabled Smart Outlet
-Boot it up on your way home from work/school/bakery

Unless you are referring to the time it takes Axe Edit to read all block definitions as well, as boot up time.


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BTW, a while ago there was someone very anxious about the Axe-FX boot time when he went into his studio

I suggested him to install one of these remote power switchers, to boot the axe FX before he went to the room. Some are wireless, others can be controlled from the smartphone. We don't know if he finally did it or if he was joking, but he said that he would consider that solution.
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By stuffing a cheap UPS in the back of a gig rack, we at least eliminate the risk of waiting for things-that-need-to-boot in a passing power glitch. Can’t do much about that first boot though!


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I got to say boot time does matter when you just want to get going quickly. While those extra seconds are not going to ruin anyone's day, it's nice to get it fired up fast.

I am seriously impressed how quickly the Helix Floor boots up after Line6 basically halved its boot time in some update. I really wish Fractal could do something like that for their system too.


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So set that time aside for something you do on a daily basis anyway, and you're not losing any time. Heck, put a few Q-Tips on your desk, and clean your ears while waiting those 10 extra seconds.
This isn't an answer or probably any help to the question, but I think Cliff wrote once that he has had his Axe FX III on for months and months. Maybe your solution is just to leave it on!


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The only time I cared about how quick it boots was at a gig when the power died on my rig for a second while we were mid-song... now that's a time when it does matter!
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