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What technique does GG play here?



Its right at the 3:57 mark.. Sounds like something completely different. An octave thing he's doing. I dunno


i recognise that sound. steve vai does it as well. just hold down root and octave. pick root, then octave and slide both to the next target. keep picking and sliding around. easy.


Video above is missing notes. It's a quick roll (pick, middle, ring) through 3 octaves of a note on 5th, 3rd, 1st string, then slide to new note.

It's not very clear whether more than the top note rings through the slides. The top 2 might ring on some while lowest is lifted or muted by RH being ready for next note.

At the end the top note moves while lower 2 notes stay ringing on A, plucked in sequence each time like A3 A4 A5\G#5, A3 A4 G#5-F#5, etc.

Top line of that bit:
e17\16-16p14-14p12, b17\14
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