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what should i buy?


Hmm, his first post, so presumably between that and an Axe Fx 2? In that case, I can't really give much info since I have no experience with the Digitech stuff, but I -can- say that I absolutely love my Axe, and I very much believe it's the best one between those two (and currently, anything else for that matter) :)


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Like comparing a laptop to a calculator. Depends on if you are a fanatic about sound or close enough will do. Personally, Axe all the way.


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And my other thought about the Digitech is "Really?" You want me to put a device worth 5-800 dollars into a $500 pedal board, so I now have $1000-1300 worth of stuff being utilized. For that kind of $ I can probably get an Ultra and what's going to sound better? The Ultra by a long long way. I could get almost any other digital rig short of a Kemper and Axe II for that $ either new or used. You still have to deal with the same amplification issues as with the Axe.

For cheap digital solutions, I like the Fender Mustang series. There's crazy value there. I've seen used Mustang V's with pedals for $200. Add cabs and you're done and the sound is quite workable. For rootsy into medium gain stuff that I like, I can dial in a great patch with clean Fender amp, drive pedal, delay, verb and trem with tap tempo and I'm good to go in about 2 minutes. Even the gainier stuff like the Supersonic model sounds pretty good and the thing has decent dynamic response to guitar level and picking dynamics.

I looked at that Digitech and though, "hmmm, for $200, maybe, but at $500 why the hell should I provide the dsp, too. What's the advantage other than the whiz bang cool factor of using an Ipad?"


The digitech ipad thing sounds good, but you want to put an ipad on the floor? At the edge of the stage where beer happens? Where I drop cables and things and they fall on the ipad? No way.


If you are asking about the Axe FX II compared to Digitech gear, I can tell you this. I have owned a lot of Digitech gear over the years.....mostly rack units (GSP-21 Legend, GSP-2101 Artist and most recently the GSP-1101). I tried the GSP-1101 right before I bought my 1st Axe FX (Standard). I didn't like the GSP-1101 and returned it. GSP-2101 Artist was the best of the three. All their rack units had a few good sounds in them, but to me all were 2-3 trick ponies at best. There is no comparison.....really. I got an Axe Standard, then upgraded to an Ultra and now an Axe FX II. Is the Axe infinitely better than the Digitech gear.... obviously I think so...hands down.


I got a Digitech GSP1101 19`and the control-2 board. It has some good amps in there. Think its better than LINE 6 POD stuff. But...Its not fair to compare it to an AXE, witch costs 4x more. There is so much more in there... effecs and amps ... and possibillities. The quality of the effects in the AXE is supreme. I probably never need all the stuff in there.. but like to have them anyway.


not sure what the question is...

comparing the digitech ipb 10 with the 2101 or comparing with the Axe???

tone wise the Axe and the 2101 will blow it away

in my opinion [Digitech fanboy that I am], they've not made a thoroughbed pro unit since the 2120
and the 2120 is a superb piece of kit
set it up right and it'll give all of the modern units a serious run for their money [and I reckon beat many, if not most]


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you want to put an ipad on the floor? At the edge of the stage where beer happens? Where I drop cables and things and they fall on the ipad? No way.

you have a point, i didnt think about that and we are a metal band so dont forget the dives


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thanks for your feedback. i used to own a digitech 2101 special edition with the extra algorithm and i loved it.kept its till last year and i had it since it came out. now if you tell me the axe 2 is way better, you just sold me. thanks. but one question, is it easier to program sound then the digitech?


in terms of being "pro kit", the Axe II is more like the 2101

in terms of tone, the Axe II trumps pretty much everything out there
there's other good kit out there that comes close I guess and would be viable options depending on your needs / budget...
but the AxeII really is about as good as it gets..


is it easier to program sound then the digitech?
I have the 2120... and was told by a pal that the 2101 was a bit less friendly than the 2120..

in terms of difficulty, the AxeII is just a little more difficult that the 2120..
but that's simply because there's more inside it
and you have to get used to the 'grid' rather than an fx 'chain'

as with all new boxes.. you'll need to spend some time with the manual to learn to navigate and configure stuff...
that said, it's really not difficult..

however.... with Axe-Edit [the editor software], editing is a total breeze....
however, it's always wise never to become totally reliant on the editor [cos you tend not have access to it during a sound-check / gig / rehearsal / etc]

so if you can handle the 2101, you should be able to handle the AxeII
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