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What monitors for amplifying axefx for home use?


One of the most asked questions on this forum. You can do a search and see tons of recommendations. Here is what I believe the consensus is:

1) Spend the most you can afford on monitors. It makes a difference. The flatter the better.
2) Yamaha HS8's are an affordable and well regarded monitor for playback on modellers.
3) Higher end recommendations are Adam A7X, Event Opals, Presonus S8

If you don't want to use studio monitors and want something you can also use to gig with then Atomic CLR or Xitone will be the most recommended around here.

The Yamaha HS8 are a safe bet and can be found used for around $500 a pair. I am using at the moment JBL LSR305's and they sound suprisingly good with the FM3 but am considering getting a pair of Presonus S8's as an upgrade. I have used the Atomic CLR in the past and it is flat out awesome but hard to find sometimes. They are always out of stock and if a used one pops up its gone pretty quickly. I have also used Mission Engineering Gemini II and Friedman ASM-12 but Atomic slays them for dead on accuracy.

Good luck!


Scraper s6’s, atomic CLR and head rush 108 cover any and all needs I’ve ever come across for home, gigs, jams etc
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