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What makes the Matrix 1000fx so much better than the Carvin 1540L?


I have a bunch of reasons to get the carvin power amp (price, PA use aswell, more power, good reviews)-can anyone really say its that much better? Want to use with PA cabs and my guitar cabs (EV speakers). Opinions? Thanks.


I read this already but there's no answer to why everyone wants the matrix instead for all that extra money...


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Never did A/B the two, but they were my final two choices when I decided to go with a SS amp. I chose the Matrix (I have the GT800FX) due to rack space (1U for Matrix, 2U for Carvin), weight (Matrix 8lbs., Carvin 14lbs.) and company reputation/customer service. Never heard anything bad about Carvin customer service, but heard great things about Matrix, and saw their posts on here on how quickly they responded to questions, and existing customer's need for help with any issues/questions they had. Those were the reasons I was willing to spend the extra money.


IMO the Matrix 800 sounds almost identical to the Carvin DCM-L series, but the 1000/1600 honestly does have that extra special sauce. All of the above are great amps. I was skeptical that the 1000 was really worth it, but by owning all of these amps at once and A/Bing a ton, I just found myself enjoying playing more with the 1000/1600.


i'll bet mainly it's 1u and powerfull... people are all about small size and more power when it comes to amps.
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