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What is your number one guitar at the moment?


1976 Telecaster Custom. I've had it for almost 20 years now. It was a very early Ebay purchase in the days before PayPal. It has some serious battle scars, and I've had it refretted it twice, but it's just one of those I can always depend on. When I bring 2 guitars to a gig, this is usually one of them, and the other one will rotate.



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The best thing with guitars is that you don't have to choose a #1! I got into the guitar buy and sell game very young and I've had almost a hundred guitars throughout my lifetime and I'm 31 now. The ones that I didn't bond with got sold pretty quickly. (Sorry Ibanez but I never loved you!) So the ones that I have left are all pretty much my #1. My burning house save one guitar would have to be a PRS, most likely the US Navarro or the hardtail Gold Top. I was on an abandoned island it'd probably be an acoustic. If it was the 80s it'd probably be my JP6. This game is too fun.. :D


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I have like 18 guitars currently, give or take, I'm always prone to miscounting, but Faith is my only guitar that's based permanently in my living room, not the music room. Whenever I feel like picking up a guitar Faith is my guitar of choice. A made in Korea lite ash Strat which I got because I needed a cheap Strat which already had a bridge humbucker. A prime example that you don't need to drop 2 or 3K on a guitar to get one that plays nice, in this case I paid around €500 for her.


My 98 Parker Fly Classic for sure. I wish I could find (and afford) a 7 string Fly so I could get through the set 100% Parker Fly. They really do spoil you on every other guitar.
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