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Bug? What is up with the Axe Fx?!


New here
Okay so I'm about to vent really hard. Currently I have a problem with the axe fx and a rather irritating one. I have had this problem before and had it fix by fractal but just recently, the axe if acting up again. First of all the Axe has a mind of its own and can sometimes change your setting or presets in some kind inexplicable way. The problem is this, everything is sounding off, a stranger fluttering sound, diminished tone, etc. It occurs with every preset. I've changed xlr's going into monitors, basically I've troubleshoot as much as I could, no success. Seriously I have no idea how to fix this, I've reinstalled Quantum 10.01 several times, each time this has happened recently. I've had more problems with the Axe than I ever did with a real amp. Anyone know why this happens?


Fractal Fanatic
Possibly the internal battery needs replaced? Wouldn’t help the flutter sound. Maybe strangeness with presets.
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