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What is that iconic Hendrix effect?


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H'lo all,

I've been trying to work out what exactly which effect to use for that classical Hendrix tremolo type sound (see video below). I think it is some kind of rotary or univibe, but I'm not sure how to set them up for that. It's almost like a tremolo that decays nicely..


Any advice or thoughts please?

Cheers in advance!!


Wow, too much delay in that sound.... :)

It's an uni-vibe. Use the Phaser block and set type to Vibe.


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Schweet, thanks a mil Yek! :)

I don't think Hendrix even used a delay did he? Or SRV for that matter.


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That guy is a legend for a good reason! Thanks for the feedback guys! :encouragement:


Crank the rate over 6.000 Hz to get a tremolo effect. Cool effect and easy to tweak on the fly with an expression pedal.

And yes, way too much delay on that sound. Not a big fan of the univibe settings either.

Per Boysen

Reverse delay, in the studio...
Erm... to be picky, it was actually "reverse tape recorder" Jimi was using in the studio. Swapping the reels and listening back to the track in reverse while overdubbing guitar. Then swapping the reels back and, voilá, last added guitar layer is now reversed in full track length. You can do this in a modern PC DAW too if you first create a mixed file on disc of the music, then reverse that file and use it as your background monitor track for playing. Be sure to record the guitar exactly as long as the background file and then you reverse the guitar recording file and import it into the original - not reversed - project document.
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