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What If Cliff Wins The Lottery??


It's a scary thought, but it just dawned on me. The Power Ball lottery is over 500 million dollars right now. What if he won? Most people usually say they would quit their day job. Yikes! Not right now! Wouldn't that just be a kick in the pants? I mean, congrats to him if he did. Suddenly he starts posting pictures from the island he just bought. I'd get a laugh out of it. :)


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Something about him and his work ethic and quality tell me that he loves doing it. Typical of a genius. If anything, he would expand the operation with that money.

Will you stop playing guitar if you become a millionaire? I won't.

We love you Cliff!


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I suspect he's already had the opportunity to cash in but has not elected to do so - probably because he enjoys interacting with the forum members here so much. I think we're safe at least until v9 general release drops.


Something tells me that he wouldn't quit doing what he does. I have no solid basis for this opinion. Just a gut feeling.


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That's the thing people should realize this isn't a get rich kind of guy. He's a well educated guy, who happens to be like us and wants to own a product that isn't cheaply made with cheap components. He couldn't find one so he made it himself. If you ever get to meet him, you just realize, that he likes to rock just like us. Tons of respect for the guy. M@ as well.


He'd probably build his own Harley (a better one..) and spend the rest of his life riding around the world with his wife and a couple cats.. :)
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At the risk of sounding hyperbolic, I can see a day where Cliff and his achievements are looked at in the same light as people such as Les Paul, Tom Dowd, etc. As Cliff states in the Axe-Fx manual, digital held a world of promise and then was turned into a dirty word by the beancounters. Seeking to make profits at the expense of quality. Cliff is renewing the promise that digital held and bringing it to fruition for the rest of us to use and enjoy. Thanks again, Cliff. Your work is appreciated. I honestly don't think there's a dollar amount that would make you stop doing what you do. And that's pretty cool.


I got the unit for the transparency of the reverb & delays. The most beautiful I've ever heard. I've recently sold my Lexicon & T.C. stuff. 8)


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I think we should only be afraid if he dies.

In any case I probably wont live enough to explore 50% of the axe-fx II.


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I could have retired by now. I don't do it for the money.

Wow. The Axe must be selling even better than we thought. I thought it was doing good, but could-be-retiring good?
Anyway, Congrats. I approve. ( In Holland we have a word that doesn't quite translate... approve is closest, but our word is warmer)

Hey, next time we have an Axe-Fest here in Holland, could you and M@ fly on over? I'd buy you a beer!

Anyway, I figure if you would build the Axe-Fx for fun, you'd stay in there until it's done. And will it ever get done? Well. Maybe some day the law of diminishing returns will kick in... And on that day we'll all be set, anyway.


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Isn't Cliff already a half-billionaire? If not, he should be. With all of his innovation and fanboi's, he is the Steve Jobs of the guitar world. :D


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I'm sure he's turned down some very lucrative offers for his company. Remember that the next time you whine about a free update not coming out according to your schedule. He could say fuck it, and sell the whole dame thing to Line 6.

They would make money by burying the axe and selling more of their higher profit margin stuff.
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