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What Guitar Cab do you guys like with the Axe FX II?


Lots of good suggestions on here.... I have a couple cab options, 1x12 (or two of them) with V30's, and/or a Jensen Blackbird. Also, I run a Bogner 2x12 with a Scumback M/H75 combo. Lately, I've been running the Bogner with the Jensen Black Bird. My tone's don't suffer because this is all for me on stage/rehearsal and the FOH still gets the IR feed (I also get an IR feed through my monitor). IMO running both real cabs and FRFR is the best of both worlds.....

We get so spoiled with all the speaker options in the AXE... in the real world of amps and cabs, you get a new head and you just use whatever cab you have. I would say for Vox and Marshall, you almost need 2 1x12's, one with a Greenback and one with an Alnico. They will surprisingly work well together too! (at least my M75 and Jensen BB do).


I have a MatrixGT800 into an Egnater 212X. Absolutely sick. Vintage30 and a modern 80 run stereo w AxeFX2 thru the Matrix is hands down, the best rig I've ever owned. Period.



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Noob here & first post... awaiting my first AxeFX2... currently I have same power setup for last 20 yrs with many iterations of gear to feed it over the years, but currently is just: GSP 1101 > Hughes & Kettner CF200 ss rack amp > for clean=LEFT corner of room H&K GL112 closed back cab (stock/ported cab, but now with a Ted Weber ceramic California 12"), and for distortion=RIGHT corner of room Mesa 1x12 3/4 open back (stock Black shadow c90). I also have pair of KRK Rokit 5 I plan on trying out, & will probably get some bigger ones or other wedges, etc.
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