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What Guitar Cab do you guys like with the Axe FX II?


Hey guys-

I've got a Matrix Q12a FRFR solution and have been thinking about going down the road of poweramp + cab.

What cab do you guys use? I'm probably looking for a 1x12 or 2x12 just to provide some on stage volume when I need it, and of course, the axe is versatile that I could run it without using the cabinet.

I was thinking about a Mesa 2x12, but without the speaker emulations, will I be suffering dramatically? I just don't see how one cabinet can do all the different sounds the axe is capable of...which is why I initially went for FRFR. But If I go with a 2x12, will the tone of using a Vox then to a marshall suffer?

I guess then, what's a good, versatile cab? For use with a matrix poweramp


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I use a Recto 2x12, with a GEQ in line before the FX loop block you can do quite a bit of compensation for the cab
and get a lot of usable good varying tones.


Just picked up a pair of Matrix NL12s + Matrix GT800. Don't have much play time on them, yet, but so far so good. Similar to you, was using FRFR (Atomic CLRs).


Do you find it limits your axes versatility? Of course I plan on still going cab sims to foh, but like I said, I worry that playing a vox patch through a cab with v30s will sound dumb. Idk

But if I do go port city, what speakers do you guys recommend? I play rock, country, blues, funk. Basically using plexi style amps and vox/fenders on cleaner stuff

Also are there any road cases that fit the port city cabs? I see they are a little different. I want a live in road case, where you take the front and back off.


Yes, you can get a road case made. Kent Custom Cases is my favorite place to go. I use V30's, but you have a ton of speaker options when you order


Yeah, my first inclination was to get a cab with v30's, like a used mesa cab (theres a 2x12 w v30's locally for $350). But as I mentioned, I play a lot of rock, country, and blues...I do tend to favor marshall sounds in my axe, but I need something that give me lower and higher gain.


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Pick out your favorite amp sims in the Axe-Fx. Ask yourself what real world cab would pair best with the real-world versions of those amp sims and go from there.


Ive used a 90's JCM900 B cab for a few years now. I used a splawn 4x12 and a mesa oversized, but i like the "openess" of the marshall cab. The splawn was really dark and muddy in my ears.


I have an open back Mesa cab with V30s. It sounds amazing to me. As expected, a number of high gain amps sound really good with it. In terms of clean sounds, I'm really like the Vox AC15 and Suhr Badger 30 models. Of course there are many many more workable combinations but I personally have a few favorites that I enjoy playing though.


Good to know. There's a port city os 2x12 in the emporium, but I've always preferred V30's and it has G12k's. For $600, I want to get a cab with the speakers I'd like.


I've played Many cabs and really like what the NL12 is doing for a standard cab... It has that little extra that my other cabs don't seem to have. And sounds as huge as a 2x12 if not more.


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Pretty much any guitar cab that you like the sound of is going to work. You're basically using the AFX as a traditional guitar preamp in that config.

I use an Avatar 2x12 with GT12T100s (very similar to the more widely used G12T75 but bassier) wired in Stereo with a flat SS power amp, no cab sims, but power sims on.


I more and more like one frfr and one traditional cab side by side. Real frfr cabs are two-way with a cross-over - right pain-in-the-ass of the guitar frequency spectrum. The frfr gives a subtle kick in the high-frequency without coloration or distortion in addition to the "one-cone" traditional that just push all the midrange.


I use a port city OS 2x12 with scumback m75s. If you put v30s it can get a little on the heavy side

For smaller gigs I use a Mesa theile 1x12 with a EVM 12L.


I've got a Port City Wave OS 2x12 for sale in the For Sale section. Probably the best cab I've ever heard with the Axe. I've even run it with FRFR to get the best of both worlds and its killer.
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