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What gear do you want these days (non-guitar content)?


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I may buy a Primova GX-2 Gear Shifter, a gadget made by VGuitarForums user Codesmart, once the production is finished.

It adds expanded features to the SY-1000 or other hex-pickup devices

Reference Manual:




I mostly buy guitar related stuff, but here goes:
  • Full-size midi keyboard. Haven’t got the time to look into this yet. I’m also interested in Moog-style keyboards, but I better not open this can of worms yet...
  • Mics: E961, M160, 421, 121, SM58. Easy to just buy new, but I’m still low on budget because of covid
  • EHX Big Muff Deluxe (vintage one). There’s currently two available, but again I’m short on money. Prices vary from 250 to 300 €.
  • 1960B JCM800 cabinet with G12M-70’s. Impossible to find... I scored two of these speakers and put them inside a 2x12 cab. Many people dislike them, but for me it’s the tone I’ve been searching for over 10 years.
  • Neve RNDI. Just need the $$$
  • MXR Stereo Chorus (vintage yellow one). The ones that have been available are overpriced.
  • DOD Performer Flanger. Just to copy this in to my FM3 / III.
  • 80’s Marshall JMP 2203. I’ve sold all my amps, but this is something I would like to try against my Fractals.
  • BBQ grill 🤠
  • Optical fibre internet connection. I’ve been using 5G internet and can’t say it’s really reliable. Installing the cable costs 5-10k€...
EDIT: just noticed half of this was guitar related. At least I tried.
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Always more guitars, that's a given.

I'd like some more keyboard gear, but honestly, I have no time to mess with it. I don't get enough playing time as it is.
Finish my basement office into a project studio..... in short run, a good 2 mic pre interface and some condensors for recording vocals and acoustic guitar.


i want to be retired so i can have more time to play certain types of 6/12 stringed objects that deal in audio stimulation


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Rounding out my studio setup, adding a Behringer ADA8200 to an Audient ID14 this week. Might wind up getting the Audient ASP800 but there were enough positive reviews of the ADA with better interfaces that it seems worth a shot. The prospect of not having to spend an additional $600 makes it very appealing.


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I've recently been wanting a MIDI keyboard controller so I can experiment with software synths; I had a Roland D-50 years ago and rediscovered a bunch of ideas I put down on a cassette using the D-50. I remembered how, when using a synth/keyboard, easy it was to find interesting chord changes and ideas in general with it vs a guitar.

Am looking for a 48 key board with tap/pad/slider/knob controllers on it, something like the "Arturia KeyLab Essential 49" or "Arturia KeyLab 49 MkII". From what I've read so far they are pretty highly rated.


I got an XKey 25 key Bluetooth midi controller so I could compose while on the road. Real keyboardist may cringe but I’m loving this keyboard and all of the apps that emulate old synthesizers on my iPad. Now I’m looking at the 37 key version.


I took delivery today of the Hammond SKPro. All hookups done, I turn it all on...

Dammit, now there is some ridiculous hum coming from my CLR's. Loud. I doubt it as cables as the last keyboard made no such noise.

I run away...afraid I have a lemon (maybe.)

3 hours later. More work, a few glasses of vino...a small knock of brown liquor.

Fire it all up. The hum is gone. The SK is glorious. The sound I've been looking for. The expression and damper work out of the box (the modulation does not...will have to work on it.). I plow through a few Organ songs, and tinker for a bit pushing at stops and 'finding my sound'. I'm hooked. I haven't even gotten past the 1st few presets before work called.

Good purchase.
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