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What does your Recording setup consist of?


I was curious what is everyones recording setup here? Do you use the AxeFxII as your AI? Do you use a different AI? if so which one? What kind of computer? Do you use an analog mixer? What DAW do you use? What kind of monitors do you use?

So many combinations. I have yet to come up with my perfect recording setup. It would be great to see what fellow Axe users are doing for their recordings.


Fractal Fanatic
PC : Windows 7 64 bit - i7 930
AI: RME UFX with TotalMix (software mixer)
Monitors: Adam A7
DAW : Sonar X1, Reaper


PC - Windows 7 x64
AI - Axe FX II Testing at the moment and its working great, very good convertors but locked sample rate sucks (normally RME pcie 9632 = soundacrd, Lavry Da10 = digital/analog convertors, M-audio Projectmix = control surface, Focusrite ISA Digital = AD convertors
Monitors - Adam A7Xs
DAW - Sonar X1 x64

Favourite plug ins, Slate Digital = SSD4, VCC, FG-X and im just about to grab his virtual tape machine :)


My recording rig is nothing too exciting but it's solid and quite capable:

PC - Windows 7 64bit, Intel i7 2600K, 16GB RAM, WD 600HLHX drives
Audio interface - M-Audio Fast Track Ultra 8R
Monitors - KRK Rokit 5's
DAW - Sonar X1 64bit, Steinberg Wavelab 7
1. 3.06 Ghz Intel Core Duo Mac 16 Gigs Ram
2. Axe-fx II
3. Focusrite ISA 1 mic preamp for acoustic instruments and vocals
4. Focusrite Saffire Pro 14
5. Kurzweil PC-1x (midi controller)
6. Adam A7 monitors
7. Logic Pro 9


computer - w7x64, 16gb ram, combination sample/audio 9tb striping array
two Lynx Lurora 16's connected with two RME HDSPe's for 32 ins and 32 outs
Apogee Big Ben master clock

ok, warning, ridiculous list copied from the gear page on thedigitalgod.com:

Front End
Neve 1073 (Brent Averill) x2
API 312 x4
Great River MPNV x2
A-Designs REDDI
Universal Audio 110 x4
Avid DigiPRE x8
ADL600 x2
Empirical Labs Distressor EL8X
1176 Rev. A "Blue Stripe"
dbx 160A
Creation Audio MW1 Michael Wagner Studio Tool
Retro Instruments 2A3 (Pultec EQ) x2
Kush Audio Clariphonic EQ x2

Adam A7X's
JBL LSR6328's
Avantone Mixcubes
JBL Dual 12" Subs
JBL Dual 10" Subs
Klipsch 5.1

Synths/Sound Generators
Roland Juno 60
Prophet 08
Moog Voyager
Access Virus TI2 Polar
Sequential Circuits Pro One
Nord Lead 2X
Vermona DRM1 MK3
Jomox 888
Jomox MBase 11
Jomox MBrane 11
Sherman Filterbank 2
OTO Biscuit

Flea 47
Neumann U87
Manley Reference
Blue Kiwi
Peluso P12
Peluso 2247LE
Shure SM7
Shure SM57 x4
Audio Technica 4033
Audio Technica 4050 x2
Audio Technica 4047
Beyerdynamic M160
Sennheiser MD421
Audix i5
Audix D1 x2
Audix D2 x5
Audix D4 x2
Audix D6
Audix SCX-1 Cardiod x2
Audix SCX-1 Hypercardiod

'82 Fender American Stratocaster
'92 Gibson Les Paul Studio
'79 Takamine Acoustic
Taylor 310ce Acoustic
Ibanez RG2228A 8-string
Ibanez RG2620 with Tone Zone/Air Norton
Ibanez Jem 7V
Ibanez Universe UV777 7-String
Ibanez RG1527 7-String
Ibanez RG7620 7-String with Tone Zone/Air Norton
Epiphone Les Paul with EMG 81/85
Ibanez SRX505 5-String Bass
Fender Precision Bass
Music Man Stingray 4-String (Vintage Electronics)
Music Man Stingray 5-String (Modern Electronics)

Fractal Audio Axe-Fx II
Gallien-Krueger RB1001
VHT 2/50/2
Marshall JMP-1
Mesa Rectifier
Carvin Legacy
Gallien-Krueger RBH 4x10
Gallien-Krueger RBH 1x15
Mesa 4x12 with Vintage 30s
Marshall 4x12 with Greenbacks
Legacy 2x12 with GT75s
Legacy 2x12 with Vintage 30s
Legacy 4x12 with Vintage 30s

Pearl Reference Kit:
- 22x20 Kick
- 6x6(custom)
- 8x7
- 8x8
- 10x9
- 12x10
- 14x12
- 16x16
- 18x16
- Ocheltree 6.5x14 Carbon Steel
- Pearl 6.5x14 Maple Free Floating
- Pearl 6.5x14 Brass Free Floating
- Pearl 6.5x14 Aluminum Free Floating
- Pearl 3.5x14 Brass Free Floating
- Pearl 5x14 6-Ply Maple
- Pearl 6.5x14 Reference 20-Ply Maple/Birch
- Pearl 6.5x14 Sensitone Nickel Plated Brass
Paiste Signature Series
- 18" Fast Crash
- 16" Fast Crash
- 20" Full Crash
- 8" Splash
- 10" Splash
- 12" Splash
- 13" Heavy Hi-Hats
- 14" Heavy Hi-Hats
- 14" Dry Crisp Hi-Hats
- 14" Medium Hi-Hats
- 5.5" Cup Chime
- 6.5" Cup Chime
- 7.5" Cup Chime
- 4" Accent
- 6" Accent
- 8" Accent
- Large Bell Chime
- 21" Dry Heavy Ride
- 16" China
- 18" China
- 20" China
- 12" Crash
- 14" Crash
- 16" Crash
Dual Demon Drive Pedals

Devi Ever
- Bit Mangler (Bit + Vintage Fuzz Master)
- Legend of Fuzz
- Hyperion 2
- Beautiful Disaster
- Rocket (Soda Meiser + Vintage Fuzz Master Plus)
- Ænima
- Torn's Peaker
- War Horse (Soda Meiser Plus)
- Machine
- Fuzz Factory
- Distortron
Earthbound Audio Beast
Earthquaker Devices Bit Commander
Prescription Electronics Depth Charge
Red Witch Fuzz God II
Hexe Bitcrusher III
WMD Geiger Counter
Malekko B:Assmaster
Iron Ether Frantabit
Sola Sound Custom Tonebender Fuzz
Barge Concepts Line Mixer
- AutoFilter
- OD9 Overdrive (Tubescreamer Circuit)
- CP9Pro+ Compressor Limiter
Electro-Harmonix POG
- Rat
- Turbo Rat
- VTBass
- RBI Rack
Digitech Whammy
Crybaby Wah
Morley Bad Horsie Wah
Empress ParaEQ
- Jemini Distortion
- FZ7 Fuzz
- CE5 Chorus Ensemble
- CEB3 Bass Chorus
- ODB3 Bass Overdrive
- DS1 Distortion
- SD1 Distortion
- CS3 Compressor (Analog)
- CS3 Compressor (Digital)
- DD7 Delay
- BF2 Flanger (Analog)
- GE7 EQ


Power User
Computer : Macbook Air
AI: AxeFx II
Monitors: Mackie MR5
DAW : Logic

The only part I'm looking to update is the monitors.


Fractal Fanatic
computer - w7x64, 16gb ram, combination sample/audio 9tb striping array
two Lynx Lurora 16's connected with two RME HDSPe's for 32 ins and 32 outs
Apogee Big Ben master clock

ok, warning, ridiculous list copied from the gear page on thedigitalgod.com:

Front End
Neve 1073 (Brent Averill) x2

- GE7 EQ

Will you adopt me? :)


Very cool everyone!

Wow, shawnguess! Man, that is one incredible collection of gear you have! In the immortal words of Napoleon Dynamite..... LUCKEEEEEEEE!


Seeing as my low end presonus/cubase 'setup' packed it in a few months ago, my new recording system is as follows:

1. My old Tascam 424 mkIII 4-track
2. There is no number 2

Fortunately, I don't like recording...


Fractal Fanatic
I use W7 x64, Cubase 6, Superior Drummer 2.0. Axe FX II as AI. Monitors Yamaha HS50Ms. I also have an older M-Audio midi keyboard and a small mixer if I need to use it. Various guitars and bass.
I would like to expand the set up at some point but it gets used for trying out ideas more than recording product for release, so for now I am using what I have.


Computer: Windows 7 64-bit
AI: Presonus Firebox
DAW: Sonar Producer 8.5
Monitors: headphones or Roland D-50 speakers

Only issue I have is that I have to reset the SPDIF input and sample rate every time I use the Presonus with Sonar and Axe FX II.


Fractal Fanatic
Well geez, I thought the questions was front end, not one's entire studio! LOL

Mac 2.8 Quad Intel Xenon with 12 GB ram
Metric Halo ULN-8s
Digital Performer 7.24
The ULN-8s have a mixer, it's kind of an external mixer with effects. 80 bit wide board. If I'm not recording at 48k where I use the USB to give me a dry track for reap later, I use a Millennia TD-1 DI for the dry track.

DP allows me to use multiple interfaces and works much better than Core Audios aggregate devices.

My monitors are powered - NHTPro with their sub woofer: M-00s and S-00.


Fractal Fanatic
Mac Pro with 2 hard drives. 1 TB system drive. 1 TB audio files drive. Quad core. 32 G DDSRAM. Firewire 800.
T-Raxx Mastering Suite
Addictive Drums
Pro Tools Digi 003 interface
Tannoy powered monitors.
dbx RTA w/ calibrated mic.

I was going to list a bunch of other stuff but after reviewing Shawn's list, I have a studioette similar to a granola bar. ;-)





My 70´s recording setup. :eek: wrong thread!


Fractal Fanatic
Now I know why Shawnguess has less than 100 posts - he's spending his time paying for that gear! ;-)

BTW, henrybobbit I hate you. Those ULN-8s are smoking. Very few people realize the Metric Halo mixing board is 80 bits. I use it (my 2882 2D+dsp for summing and compression - talk about stereo separation! WOW!


Fractal Fanatic
Yeah shawn! No problem. But geez. I could do something similar. Maybe not quite as extravagant! There's also cut and paste and edit! LOL.
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