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What do Godzilla and the Rolling Stones have in common?


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... here are some fun facts about the "Godzilla" 2014 movie:

The sound design team of Erik Aadahl and Ethan Van der Ryn used a Rolling Stones tour rig with a 100,000-watt speaker about the size of a city block that they then pumped the monster's sounds through so they could capture recordings in cars, rooftops and other places to get the most realistic echo possible. :)


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Thats... a big speaker...
nope....if it's still the same - these are more than a dozen Clair S4 cabinets powered by crown 3600 vlz amps (that was it when I worked for Clair Bros back in the days). These cabinets giving "teh brootalz":lol

this cabinet was build in 1974 and was "active available product" for more than 36yrs!

U2 for example used them for their vertico tour - build some monstrous 15meters high stacks of S4 and S4 subs - these cabinets were looooooouuuuudddddd!

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