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What cab pack should I buy? ML, AUSBuddy, York?


So I see there's a few sales going on for Fractal, and in the past I have been a total Ownhammer devotee. I have a TON of Ownhammer stuff I've bought over the last 3-4 years, but haven't ventured into much else.

I have the following from OH:

Orange 4x12
Bogner 2x12
Bogner 4x12
Vox 2x12
GnR Marshall pack
112 Deluxe rvrb
112 Deluxe
Justin York Collection
And I think I have their old Marshall UK collection as well
Heavy Hitters I

I also have the Fractal Zilla cab pack. It was good. I rarely use it though.

I am looking to diversify. I have a ton of Vox an 4x12 stuff. Not really needing any of that now. I'd like to get something with more fender cabs and maybe a matchless cab?

Torn between:

Austinbuddy bundle
Vintage Combos Bundle
York Deluxe pack
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