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What are your favorite FRFR speakers?


Tools I used to build unfinished box:
10" table saw
Circular saw
Metric tape measure
Orbital sander
16g Brad nailer
Plunge Router and circle jig
Impact driver
3/8 corded drill
4" hole saw
Small can of bondo
Titebond glue

It depends...mine look store bought. That does take some time. Manufacturing or woodworking experience is a big plus.


Fractal Fanatic
Does that include the "NEO MKII" or just the original CLR?
Either ones. I had the original non neo CLR's, had them upgraded to the original neos by Atomic when they came out & now have the newer Neo MKII's & they all sound the same. The MKII's run cooler & have a little more volume due to power amp improvements. I had 2 of each version for a while!


Nice, haven't come across these yet. Do you use active or passive and also what's the difference?
You can read my review about these two a few posts below.
And also watch the review comparison with the really really good Atmic CLR from our Zenrigs Man Sukh Ryatt. His Review is also a few threes below.
Have fun! \m/


I really like my passive Xitone wedges with my Matrix GT800FX amp.

Sounds pretty much the same in side by side comparison with the active wedge set to "flat" DSP mode.

Also the AccuGroove Latte passive cabs sound pretty good as does the Mission Gemini 2 passive. I personally found the Gemini a little bassier.

A few years back a group of Bay Area Fractal users had a Meetup and compared a variety of FRFR.

The group concensus of the ones I listed was the Latte was "best".

I wish we would have had a CLR or two but we didn't...
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