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What are your expression pedal uses?


Fractal Fanatic
Looking for ideas here. Besides wah and volume, what are some interesting effects i could use an exp pedal for?


My current setup is volume on one and wah on the other. But in the near future I'll have a few songs that require some more effects blending. I like when people have an expression pedal set to control two functions at once. Like delay level changing while gain increases, etc.

I'll be blending some tremolo effects and gain staging soon on one.


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well, it's still just vol...

but I use it to control the amp block's master volume, so it sounds like more of a natural swell instead of the same given tone quieter/louder. I've also got the same control linked to bring up my delay feedback (longer & slightly louder trail) when the volume is reduced. I've done a similar thing with reverb mix & decay with good results.

tremolo and other FX rate control is an obvious choice. So is panning if you're running true stereo.

gain swells, either from a preamp or drive block, can be cool.

You could mix in/out virtually any effect (or completely seperate signal chain).

I've been using a normal wah block, but have considered just setting up a parametric EQ (or two, or one + a graphic EQ, etc) with expression control instead.

then there's wah & pitch shifting :) Really your imagination is your only limit.

Semih Yanyali

Power User
i use it for

mix parameter of ring modulater for drum n bass type of fx, its synced to drummers click via ableton
sometimes for amp drive and volume (opposite direction)
phaser rate and mix (again more psychedelic stuff than usual)
chorus rate and mix
delay parameters to get some weird clashing endless echos and pitch changes
rotary to blend in hammond type of sound on top of guitar signal
some mixer blocks and plus chorus and synth block, some type of slicer effect again synced to drums...use the expression to go between clean guitar signal and this sound...


I use 3 pedals, one for wah, one dedicated to vol, and a third set to custom params depending on the preset.

I primarily use the non wah/vol pedal for amp input/drive on most patches.

But there are some presets I use where the 3rd exp is for bringing in harmonies and simultaneously panning the original and harmonized signals to separate them a bit. Works like a charm if running stereo and sounds awesome. I also use it a lot for reverb and delay mix levels/times. It just sounds and feels more natural to me to be able to pull a delay off of a certain part of a solo via pedal rather than IA.


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I use 4 and sometimes 5.

1. input volume
2. Wah
3. Delay, multi delay Reverb (sometimes) Input trim
4. Modulation rate for the chorus's, flagers, univibes, rotary.
5. Sometimes for Ouput. That's if i'm using an Ebow.

Scott Peterson

Global Moderator
I use four. I use them for multiple things:

  • Volume pedal
  • Wah
  • Rotary speed up/down
  • Output level for Drive block
  • Output level for a PEQ block (I use this to drive amp blocks)
  • Wet/Dry mix for modulation (Phaser/Flanger/Chorus/Pitch/Rotary/Tremolo/Formant (aka talkbox))
  • Wet/Dry mix for Delay
  • Wet/Dry for Reverb


I use four as well.

input volume (like your guitar volume knob)
Blend (to blend the input signal into one of 2 amps (clean/ dirty) and attach a variable gate before the dirty amp (that is at 0 when you are using the clean amp))
2nd Volume to control the return of the FX loop (that brings in my clean + piezo & dual guitar synth blends from my other Axe FX 2).

Works great, and still discovering new ways to skin this cat :)


XP1 = morphing: this can be anything from clean to dirty, fading in / out ambient fx etc
XP2 = wah
XP3 = volume [vol block on col1 of the grid]


I use 3 FV-500 pedals. The first is always volume regardless of preset. The second is usually wet/dry mix for delay and 3rd alternates per preset between wah, tremolo speed and or auto-engage for phase/flange.


Power User
I use one for global volume and another for wah/whammy. I used to have a third pedal on my board but only had one preset that used it. I still keep a couple spare Mission pedals around just in case I come up with a use for them. :geek
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