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What are you using for recording your music?


What guitar, tuning, daw, computer, audio interface, monitors, headphones, bass and drum software, plugins and vsts are you using for recording?

Here is what i am using
Guitar- suhr modern, tom anderson angel
Tuning- drop c, e standard and eb
DAW- Reaper
Computer- 2010 imac
Audio interface - 2nd gen focusrite scarlet solo
Monitors - ik multimedia iloud micro
Headphones - audio technica
Bass - ez bass and modo bass
Drum - ez drummer ii with bob rock hard rock expansion and modern metal expansiob
Ampsims - axefx iii and helix native
Other vsts and plugins - whatever thats included in reaper

Thats all i use. What about you?


Power User
2017 iMac 4K Retina w/ 32G of RAM
DAW- Logic Pro X
Interface- AxeFX III/FM9/Scarlett Solo (for vocals)
Monitors- Yamaha HS-5’s with an entertainment system sub that does the trick
Headphones- Beyerdynamic DT-990’s
Bass- Spector Pulse 4-string, Peavey Millennium 5-string, Warwick Streamer Standard 5-string
Drums- Superior Drummer 3….I have a couple SDX’s but can’t remember which ones.
Amps- AxeFX III/FM9
Other VST’s/Plug-ins- practically every Waves plugin they make, Slate and Plug-in Alliance subscriptions for all their plug-ins, EastWest’s Play that I use for strings/piano/choirs, Yamaha Triton VST, and a few others I can’t remember now, Logic came with a bunch I use.

The biggest change I had with my mixes was when I stopped relying on so much Waves stuff and started using Plug-in Alliance’s plugins; while they all do the same general things, the Brainworx stuff is really, REALLY killer and I dig a lot of the Slate stuff too. Plug-ins, to me, are no different than finding the right amp or guitar that suits your needs the best. They’re all capable of making music with, but when you find the ones that do exactly what you want with little effort, that’s key.

Also, not sure what else you use to check your mixes with, but I got both Waves Ocean Way and CLA NX’s. They basically make your headphones sound like the control rooms of those studios. They make their own headphones to pair with it, but they also have EQ corrections for some popular headphones. This put an end to me running out to my truck to check my mixes every 20 minutes because now I reference between my monitors, the DT-990’s alone and then the DT-990’s with the Waves NX stuff, essentially giving me 4 different reference points.
Primary guitars: 2021 Jackson MJ Professional Series Dinky and a 2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional Pro 2
Tuning: Standard
DAWs: Reason and Pro Tools
Interfaces: Yamaha MG16XU 16 channel mixing board, Axe Fx III, Roland TD27 for the drum kit
Monitors: Yamaha HS8 speakers, Yamaha HS8S subs
Headphones: DT 770 PRO 80 ohm
Bass: Fender Precision American Professional II, Fender Precision California Special with active pickups
Drums: Roland VAD 506 drum kit
Amps: Axe Fx 3 for guitars, Ampeg SVT3 PRO for bass, Roland PM200 for drums
VSTS: The main one I use is Melodyne
Mastering software: Ozone 9 and Steinberg Wavelab
Vocal chain: Sterling Audio tube mic, UA 610LA pre and Yamaha MG16XU mixer


Guitars: PRS CE24 w/Graphtech Ghost piezo saddles, Fender MIM Strat, Ibanez Talman, Partscaster tele, OLP Baritone
Basses: Lakland 5501, Ibanez BTB776
Amps: Axe FX II XL+
Speakers: Yamaha HS5
Drums: Superior Drummer II
Interface: Axe FX II XL+
DAW: Pro Tools
Plugins: Waves Renaissance
OS: Linux
DAW: Ardour
Interface: AxeFX III mkII + Presonus 1824c
Headphones: Sennheiser HD280
Drums: Yamaha DTExpress IV kit (recording audio and MIDI)
Guitars: Peavey T-60, Schecter S-1, Schecter Corsair, Danelectro 56u2 (1990s reissue)
Bass: Schecter Diamond Series custom 4
Tunings: standard, drop D, open G
Keyboard: M-Audio ProKeys Sono88
Synths: various free/OSS things
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