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What are you listening to right now?

State of Epicicity

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Xentrix is a criminally underrated thrash band from England. Like the best thrash, to me their albums comprise of a string of riffs that are all awesome, powerful, and creative. I love their unconventional construction of the riffs, in that they're always just a little off from what I'd expect. They kind of remind of golden era Sepultura mixed with the thrashiest golden era Metallica. I'm listening to their second album, For Whose Advantage. The Ed Repka artwork gives you an idea of how awesome they were:

Xentrix For Whose Advantage album cover.jpg

and here's the music video from that album. My wife has pointed out that Chris Astley seems to have water in his ear that he's trying to get out the whole time. I love this song, and it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about, just one incredible riff after another, and to me, they're not the string of riffs I'd expect. It kills me that I was just too young to be going to shows when this kind of thrash was going on. My first show was Sepultura in 1993, and it was just The Worst; I knew I had missed the boat for what I love. No matter, at least we're in an era now where lesser known thrash is accessible to everyone.



Fractal Fanatic
The sounds of a free concert down the road at a recreation park. Can't hear it indoors, but when you step outside for a minute for whatever reason, you can hear the concert. Some Doobie Bros, Rolling Stones, Clapton, etc...

...Concert just concluded with fireworks. Families will heading home once traffic clears...
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Tedeschi Trucks Band Live at Beacon Theatre on 2022-09-30

LOVE-LOVE-LOVE this band. Derek is a monster. Susan is a gift. The vibes of the band are off the chart
Happy listen
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