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What are some good monitors for the Axe-Fx III?


about 5 months ago I emailed QSC about what the best setting in the back of the 10s , ill be darn if a rep didn't call me , we talked awhile about QSC putting out a set up video for our monitors he ask what do i use it for and where , then he told me that they are working on a frfr monitor just for guitar modeling. he didnt say when the product would come out, but did say the they had are going to ask a famous guitarist to do the video, he told me who but I don't want to get anyone in a bad position, i will say that he uses a axe III . and we all know him here on the forum. so, no I don't know yet when they will release this .but when i get more info I will post it.
Gotta be Burgs right?


I play in my bedroom 99% of the time, currently using a pair of JBL lsr305s.. Feel like they're a bit weak on the treble even though they're great for their price... Looking for something in the 900 dollar range and after some research it seems like the Adam a5x are a good fit but wanted to ask for expert opinion.. I'll be using them to mix mainly progressive metal, so lots of different instruments all over the place..

I had the JBL 305's and was happy with them. Then I picked up some Adam A7x's a few months ago. BIG upgrade! The difference was immediately noticeable in every aspect and was massive. They still blow me away now. I only play at home and the 7" ones aren't too loud, no need for a sub either.
It's not that the JBL's are bad, far from it. Just, to my ears, the Adams are WAY better.

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I compared about 20 monitors in a test room and the LSR305s kept in mind.
They don't sound as cheap as you'd expect from their price tag. They stood out by far. But then there are some that stay out from an upper price range, the A7x, the KH120 and so on.
I wonder if the A8x wouldn't be even more fun for guitar and tweaking?
Adam’s are simply numero uno for metal....the quintessential metal mixing monitors!!!

I didnt know there was an 8x but that would be TOO loud for my 10x15 studio....the A7 are already booming


My apologies guys, should have searched this topic more, didn't realize there were so many threads on this already...

After hours of going back and forth between the a5x, alpha 80 and hs8 I have decided to save up a little more and get the A7X..


I’d look for soemthing used in your area. Monitors suck to sell as shipping costs so much, as a result, buyer can get a fantastic deal if they can pick up local.

I got my Scepters for like $500 for the pair

all the major brands are pretty decent and similar. I’d go with whatever you can score a great deal on honestly.

it’s like buying a TV, they all look slightly different but after a week of watching it at home you stop comparing and just watch the thing.

basically all the major monitor brands work or else everyone would all own the same thing


My apologies guys, should have searched this topic more, didn't realize there were so many threads on this already...

After hours of going back and forth between the a5x, alpha 80 and hs8 I have decided to save up a little more and get the A7X..
Let us know how you like them!


If you can, get the A8X. I have the A7X, they are great. Have not heard many other options though. Just the feeling that I would like a little more air moving when tracking guitar, and a little extra wiggle room for when tuning synths.


I'd try to get to a dealer that I could check out a bunch of different monitors against each other. The Adam A7X catch a lot of flak over on Gearslutz.
You might be able to do better for around the same amount of money.


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I use the Presonus Sceptre S8s here, and they work extremely well. They cover the sound spectrum clearly and honestly, with plenty of power. Currently $599.99 each (which is less than when I bought mine a few years ago!) and sound like they cost many times that. Presets made on the S8s translate well to my FRFR speakers, as well. The closest sound I have heard to these is the Genelec 8050 series, and you know what they cost!

If funds are too tight, the Eris series sounds great at a crazy low cost.

Disclaimer: you may notice I beta test for Presonus. I don’t work for them, and was not on the S8 beta team. I bought them with my own cash! Highest compliment I can give.


I went on this journey also. Searched the forums also. Got good advice from people also.

I went with Eris 4.5. I don't know how they compare, but I do know they are useful for dialling in presets and playing music! ;)
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