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Wish What About an Authentic Tab on Certain Effects Types/Blocks That Mirror The Actual Controls...


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...of the pedals/rack units they're actually based on?

I know we've had discussions on this, but I wanted to mention it as an actual wish. (If it's been officially asked for, I couldn't find it.)

I know we have a lot of players here who really know their way around the effects, and because those effects have deep-editing parameters, they come up with some great examples. But I recently tried the Archetype Petrucci plugin, and it was kind of refreshing to have just a handful of basic controls on the effects, which made it easier for me to tweak them.

I had a conversation with @la szum about why the Phase 90, for example, doesn't also have a "authentic" page with just that one knob? There's several effect models this could also apply to.



+1 - advanced mod controls challenged here.

I guess the difference with an advanced page ie for mods, compared to the amp advanced page, is that for real mod pedals, the one or two knobs are likely controlling a larger number of internal factors in some cases - so maybe a different animal to program, but I'd guess possible for Fractal. Would be cool to have regardless.


You might have the same controls in some of the models but they usually will not work with the same range and/or taper as on the actual pedal. For example, a Deluxe Memory Man delay time goes from about 30 ms to about 500 ms. The Fractal model time goes from 1 ms to 16000 ms. About 30 times more range on the Fractal model's time/delay knob.


Fractal Fanatic
Not a bad idea. Seems like many people want this, judging from all the threads about it.
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