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What’s your favorite touch sensitive amp?


Plexi all the way. Choose whichever model you prefer, adjust to taste, the jump variants allow some more control


I'm not sure how accurate that is. Here's Cliff's original description: "Added “Gain Enhancer” mode to Amp block Output Compressor. This mode can be used to simulate the acoustic reinforcement of a loud amp coupling into the guitar and enhancing the output signal."

No, it does work that way. Just as real life acoustic coupling does.

It takes some output signal and feeds it back into the input, increasing the input gain (in the real world it would be the speaker output exciting the strings). But it only happens above an adjustable threshold so when the signal is lower (guitar volume turned town, picking lightly) no signal is routed back to the input so no gain boost.

To set it up for the clean to mean thing start with the Out Comp Threshold and set it so that it’s in between your light and heavy sound so when you’re playing lightly or you turn the guitar volume down it isn’t active, but when it’s turned up it is (as shown on the Gain meter). Then set the Out Compression level, which is now not compression but a gain control that works above your threshold, so it controls how much extra gain you get when it’s active. Finally you might find you need to turn the amp gain down to compensate for the input boost you’ve just added, this will also make the cleaner sounds cleaner.

Note: I’m away from my AxeFX at the moment so some of the names might be inaccurate. I’ll check and correct later. [Edit: updated with names as per Axe Edit]
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Just a note - When I hear youtube videos where I think I hear a lot of dynamics (touch sensitivity), the tones are often drenched in spring reverb. The large tail of the reverb, really accentuates the loud notes.


In my main preset, I use USA Rhythm for a nice gritty sound that'll clean up with your guitar's volume knob and that'll crunch when you dig in. Very touch sensitive, it's fantastic.

I also like the Dirty Shirley 2 and the JTM for that. And I love the Gain Enhancer; it's one of my favorite secret sauce things that's been added. I typically set it at 1 even with clean channels.
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