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What’s the deal with the Quad Cortex?


I love my QC , Its lacking compared to anything Fractal makes (Fractal has more tweak-able options on a single Amp model than the QC unit has every option combined) but a cool unit that will always have a place in the market. The Capture process is really cool and easy, pedals are very easy to capture and amps are same as Kemper to Profile. What I have seen is mainly end users not having any amps of their own so the Capture reprocessed Kemper or AxeFx Files. I Captured my Tiny Terror Combo and its really nice to play through loud.
If you are a headphone bedroom player it makes ZERO difference what you buy Helix,QC, Kemper or Fractal they all are really good right now. Great time to be a GEAR FREAK !!!! I own HX stomp for Bass gigs, QC for Sunday gigs and FM3 for when I need both! I sold my AXE 3 turbo to wait for FM9 but didn't feel like waiting anymore. B stock sale lured me back into Fractal world , and I missed the Forum.
The thing I like most about that capture process is, no refining. So there's no confusion about whether you, the user, fucked up or not. With the Kemper you never know if you refined correctly, played the wrong things, etc. It can add a good 10 minutes to the capture process by going between refining and parameter tweaking.

QC? Setup the cables and get capturing. Job done.


Fractal Fanatic
I heard about some delays this product was experiencing when it first came out, and here it is almost 1.5-2 years later, and it’s still not in stock at Sweetwater! I don’t plan on buying one because I’m a Fractal guy, but what’s the problem over there? And to those who’ve played it, does it even sound good? It seems like it will take years for them to catch up to Fractal and maybe even Helix.
Don't know. Don't care. Not my circus, not my monkeys. Better shit to worry about.
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