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Went to see Joe Bonamassa last night...


Went to see Joe Bonamassa last night in Dusseldorf and man - what a show!

First of all, the overall FOH sound was the best I have heard in that rather old venue. Joe's playing is jaw dropping and goose bump inducing - he really makes those Les Pauls sing like angels. I was completely blown away.

The way he plays with dynamics, his feel and of course his technique - he might as well be from outer space. Even though I'm only from planet earth, it made me want to drive home and play my guitar right away.

His all-star band is also quite something. It's been years since I saw a real Hammond B3 up on stage - Derek Sherinian choses to use it with three(!) Leslie cabinets mind you! There is something magical when that slightly overdriven sound of a B3 mixes with the Les Paul.

Well worth every penny - go see him if you get a chance!
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