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Well Done FAS


New Member
I picked up an AX8 new from FAS about six months before they released the FM3 teaser. Sold it off and decided to jump on the list. I'm glad I did. The FM3 is a very good tool to have in the gear quiver. The sheer amount of useful amps from the get go and the relative ease with which I found I could use the three footswitches to change parameters made me feel the investment is worthwhile. The lack of a headphone jack doesn't dull the luster either b.c this sounds best through an FRFR cab or PA. I've run it in both my Xitone GRFR cab and a QSC K10 with outstanding results. The amps are better than I recall tonewise and there are several presets that do what I want from an amp- respond to volume and pick attack. Case in point the ODS and jumped Plexi presets allow me to back off my volume on the guitar and they actually clean up, not disappear.
I updated the firmware yesterday after going through all the presets a second time. The FM3 editor and Fractal bot both worked fine after I updated my drivers. I can see myself using this for pit gigs where I need a plethora of tones and don't want to carry out a large pedalboard. As a musician who plays a lot of small venues the footprint is perfect even with an expression pedal alongside. I don't see myself adding an FC6 b/c there are enough options for me to set up the FM3 as I need without extraneous wiring and satellite switches.
We have all been waiting for the FM3 to arrive and see what it holds. I believe it's worth the wait. I'm eager to keep using mine and set up amps that I'll use and explore some of the cool synth and dream patches in recordings. I did buy a Strymon Iridium during the wait time and I'll say honestly it's apples and oranges. Both provide a viable solution to not carrying an amp out or as a back up to a rig of your choosing. The Strymon gives you the bare minimum to get the gig over with whatever seasoning you add whereas the FM3 has the kitchen sink in terms of options and tonal recipes. Both work well for their intended purpose but I'm more eager to gig the FM3. Good thing I have all this downtime during the quarantine to explore and set up the FM3 to my liking. Great job to all at FAS for a well built and inspiring piece of practical gear.


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