Welcoming myself to the Axe-Fx III club



I joined the club a few hours ago :cool:

These are my first minutes with the unit. I specially wanted to check the cab block. Here you can hear the very first sound I got out of the unit (stock preset "59 Bassguy"), then I checked the MK II, which is my go-to amp, and edit two presets using it : 013 "USA IIC+" (0:40 original preset, as from 0:50 a quick tweaking session with it, specially in the cab block) and 082 "Petrucci rig", where I'm adding my own cab to the original one to add some brightness/presence. I intend to do that a lot, mixing darker and brighter IRs and trying to find the perfect balance between them

Not much interesting musical content here, often it's just the low E ringing and I'm turning a few buttons, but that's how I tweak ;)
Welcome to the party, @fremen ! Check back in next month when you come up for air!
Unfortunately, I won't have much time to explore the III before July... I have some recording sessions for a band's EP that has just started today, and I must finish recording/mixing mastering everything before leaving Mauritius on 5th June (going to France to see some concerts, including Hellfest). It's in July that I'll be really into it full time.
You know you're Jonesing bad when you watch for and read firmware updates without even owning the unit!

Hurry up wait list!
My invitation came and went over a month ago. Other obligations ate up my Axe-Fx III funds while I was waiting. The way things are going, it could be some time before I get one. Still watching the threads closely and keeping up on things.
Lots to learn in this video about the III interface and how Fremen deploys various tools in the system. Pay attention class :)
That's just my first 30 min with the unit, and Axe-Edit is not fully functional yet ;) I intend to do more videos like this, although I'm not a "tutorial" kind of guy. You'll never hear my voice explaining things because I can't stand my English accent or just hearing myself etc
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