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I saw Mr. Rabin here last night and the Axe-FX sounded really good if that was what he was using--I was on Wakeman's side of the stage and could not see any of Rabin's gear. As mentioned earlier, the mix was kind of bad at the beginning of the show (bass/drums loud/keys guitars too low), but it got fixed as the evening progressed.

On the other hand, the bass player's space ship modeler that should not be named gave up the ghost during the second song (Perpetual Change). Thankfully, there was a spare.


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Saw the show last night in SLC... as was mentioned, the sound wasn't very good. I actually thought part of the problem was that Wakeman's keyboard pads were too "thick* - i.e. they took up all the sonic space so you couldn't really hear his solos or Trevor a lot of the time. Even Jon was drowned out at times. And this was in an old-school concert hall that has good acoustics. But regardless, the show was excellent, great set list, my wife said she liked it more than the Yes shows she's seen w/ Benoit or Jon D.

Hope they release a DVD from the tour.

<end OT comments...> On topic, I couldn't see Trevor's AFX's, they may have been offstage. But he had a pair of Mission cabs, looked like the Gemini 1. When I could hear him well, his tone was stellar ;-)


My ex girlfriend's(high school) parents were friends with Trevor where they grew up in South Africa. I got to go to his house with them once and I got to see his studio in 2009 or 2010 and it was insane. Such a nice guy, he even let me noodle around on one of his strats for a bit. His son is also the drummer for group love. I can see why he likes the AXE FX, as it can give him all the crazy tones he needs on the road/and in the studio. Instead of having a million racks/pedals set up.

The studio also had an insane console and theatre sized screen for film scoring! Great guy.


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I just bought the HD copy on iTunes. What stellar performances from all the band! Been getting in Trevor's playing recently.. Such the consummate musician.
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