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Welcome to the New Cab-Lab and Cab-Lab Live Subforum


So essentially I can use a tube head with a Rivera Rockcrusher (load box), to sound card, through Cab Lab, correct?
In real time right? Or can this only function with an Axe-II? Thanks! I am working on switching to the Axe-II, but when
that will actually happen, is VERY uncertain, unfortunately. :(


I'm back for some more questioning, lol. I FINALLY got a hold of an Ultra. Should I hold off on Cab Lab, until the live version drops? I know I cannot import ir's into the Ultra, but I do want it for use inside Reaper. Is there an estimated time frame for release? I have every IR known to man, except the Ultra Res ir's and I want to get into them. With the cab block off on the Ultra, running into Reaper, I can still benefit from the format, correct? I know the answer, but I will say it is a little unclear for Ultra users.
We poor Ultra users want to play too, lol. I NEED the British Collection!!



Sorry if this has been covered but :

I assume the Cab Lab Live is the same as Cab Lab 3 ?
Is there an online manual for cab lab 3 have come across anything other than the summary of the software ?

I have an Axe FXII but I travel away from home for 2 weeks away and then 2 weeks back home,
due to this I'm limited to the amount of gear I can take.

Since I have seen IR's made for acoustic guitar sims that work exceedingly well I was wondering if I could create an IR using cab lab 3 and run it in my DAW as a plug-in to achieve a similar result ?

many thanks for any insight

G \../


2 Axe FX's not necessary. Use my IR Mixer preset to "Tone Match" them. Shoot just 1 internal IR, or mix up to 4. you can include mic sims, low and high cut, Cliff's "delay one IR by 0.060 ms" thing.

Everything is all set up in the "Tone Match" block for you. Also, the match will be saved (and recognized) as an "Ultra-res" IR. Uses less CPU than a "standard" IR does in "Hi-res" mode.

A long time ago you posted this text. I stumbled on it and tried my best to mix some factory cabs but somehow failled.

BTW I am running FX III on fw 14.05.

What did I do:
  • In cab I loaded several factory cabs
  • In TMA:
    • In capture I pressed "Start both" and "Match"
    • In Export I have chosen a user location and any name
  • In another preset I loaded the new user cabs
The results: Either no sound or terrible distortion

What I am doing wrong?
Please provide some detailed instructions.


With respect to your Sept 11 2021 comment in the AITR thread, "A new version of Cab-Lab is forthcoming which will support FullRes IR captures and management."
Are you able to shed any light at this stage on whether or not the new version of Cab-Lab will be ported to AAX format for Pro Tools (Plugin), and not just VST/AU formats as in current version?

Thank you in advance.
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