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Welcome MATT BELLAMY of MUSE to the Fractal Audio Artist Roster

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Fractal Audio Systems
We are pleased and honored to announce the addition of Matt Bellamy of the band Muse to the roster of artists using Fractal Audio products.

Matt and his tech spent weeks in the studio creating presets, with work that included IR captures and Tone Matches of Matt's incredible collection of amps and cabs, plus super deep effect programming, and some of the coolest control options we've ever seen (and more.)

Months in, Matt is "loving it," though we thought the best endorsement was this quote, captured moments after he first compared the Axe-Fx III to his beloved ’63 Marshall JTM 45.

"That's the best amp sound I've heard, ever. I want one of these everywhere."
— Matt Bellamy

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Just saw Muse again last month in LA. They put on one of the best live shows out there right now. I can understand the "super deep effects" programming. They layer with lots of synths, at least in the studio, and Matt does some crazy Whammy stuff too.


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Great addition, congratulations! I actually discovered them by playing Rocksmith, LOL. I watched a couple of their concerts on demand and wouldn't hesitate to go to one if they ever make it to a stadium or arena in our area. Their live at Rome Olympic Stadium is the type of show I would pay money to go see. Great energy, cool grooves and entertaining.

Considering the gear he uses and how he uses effects, this is a cool endorsement of Fractal. Just musing, I wonder if this could result in any changes or additions to the synth block. Both he and the bass player use a software synth (Analog Lab I believe) with their MIDI pad equipped guitars and basses.


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I need to revisit my "Uprising" patch on the Axe-Fx II lol, I had it programed to do the synth parts.

Gigged that song in the covers band a few dozen times, always went over well.

I created one for the AX8 but the shaky pitch tracking was a pain in the rear. Worked best with the neck PU and the tone pot at 0.
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