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Weezer Blue Album tone?


Has anyone got a good Weezer Blue Album preset? There are quite a few isolated guitar tracks available on Youtube, but I'm terrible at figuring out how to match sounds, anyone have a good preset for the Blue Album tones or wants to help me out? Thanks in advance



Your best bet for Blue is the Mark IV or Mark IIC - as they used a pre-Boogie mesa with a bunch of push/pull knobs for the blue album.
And they used 4x12 Greenback speakers. I'm not sure on the mics but rumor was 421's were heavily used. I found that 57's get a bit more of the fizzle that in the isolated guitars.... There's also a weird rumor that the amp was really low on the recordings. There's also word that "Say It Ain't So" is a Vox with a jaguar guitar and that a few things were recorded with a Twin and Big Muff.

Pinkerton is said to mainly be a Marshall with a big muff. In the early nineties/around the time of Pinkerton he used a Marshall 30th Anniversary 6100LM amp in the "Yellow" setting if you wanted to use a JVM to approximate the sound.

Effects wise Rivers used a modified DS-1 or Turbo Distortion and a Wah. On the first two albums there are claims of ZVEX fuzz factory and Big Muffs being used.

If you listen to the isolated tracks (you can find them above), the bass makes up a good portion of what you are hearing with the guitars - by themselves they are much thinner more /brittle than you think but the stacking of the frequencies makes them thick-sounding.

The bass was played through an orange matamp with a bit of overdrive/distrotion on the sound (not as much as you'd think) and a guitar cab. However, according to the weezerpedia, that amp wasn't used on the album (not sure what was).

Further - The green album is a mixture of rectifier and 100watt Marshall with 4x12 greenbacks.

Note: A lot of the guitars are recorded with LP Jr w/ p90s. His live guitars all pretty much have a Duncan 59 TB in them.
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