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Web Site Redesign


Its Good,its modern,the upper artist header (WOW MetalilcA ) great

Now kind of up to date*


*that leads to only concern.By FW 17 home page was 5 lightyear behind real product.Now you have catched up and are only 2 lightyears behind.Usually ( and thankfull for us users Fractal differs) promises on hompages are 3 lightyears ahead of realiy


The New Hampshire vanity plate BIG RIG on the Firmware 18 banner is a passenger plate on what is clearly a commercial vehicle. NH initial plates also do not allow for spaces. Fail.

Just kidding, looks great. Lots of "pop" and much more pro looking than the old one. Well done.


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Any reason Mr. Edge isn't listed on the artist page? Hard to beat this kind of advertising;

Edge Axe-Fx.jpg



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Looks really great. One suggestion : for some of the longer vertical scrolling pages (e.g., artist roster) it would be really handy to have a "top" button that slides along the side so we can return to top nav bar.

What if I told you it's been there the entire time?



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No comment for the looks, it's too subjective matter. It does not automatically adapt to a mobile PC screen so it takes a few minutes before you understand something is under there also. The slides are coming by a bit fast, but maybe because of the bigger characters (as it doesn't fit to screen ?).

April 17th : Ah now it works, good to see Leroy Miller in the Artist Section BTW ! Didn 't hear him for a long time and his blues short CD is really kickass
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in artist page, Chris Broderick is not in megadeth anymore. I think it needs an edit right there. and same with Jeff Loomis, he's in arch enemy right now. maybe an EX or something...


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I've designed many websites during the 90's both small sites and large company sites,
you've done an excellent job making it easy to navigate and very modern and slick looking!
Looks very professional, and suitable for the products you guys are offering.

a couple of suggestions:

when entered the web.shop ..and clicking on the FAS Logo .. shouldn't that take you back to the front page ?

To make it easier to navigate the site, it's a good idea to always have a way to return to the main index site from anywhere
within the site/shop/forum .. etc

outstanding work as always ..



The layout is good, using modern website layout. The design though.. not my cup of tea. Too dark (but that's more of a preference thing).
Too big font sizes, wrong font styles, inconsistant padding/margins. Like someone else said, if I were looking for the next modern awesome equipment I would buy for my rack, checking out this website would leave me very disappointed and not that interested.

Example of a better design, using almost exactly the same layout: NORM Research & Consulting - Every Decision Matters


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in artist page, Chris Broderick is not in megadeth anymore. I think it needs an edit right there. and same with Jeff Loomis, he's in arch enemy right now. maybe an EX or something...

Stuff like that is written very specifically. Chriss Broderick is associate with Megadeth historically. "Ex" has a negative cinnotation. You don't do that in this arena. Sacrificing absolute up-to-the-minute accuracy for a more positive outlook isn't unusual.
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