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We have onboard Flash ROM? I did not know that!


I didn't even realize we had built-in backup ROM right in the Axe II until
I read it in the Manual. Too cool. I've lost presets before with bonehead
mistakes. Now there is NO excuse for not backing up my presets/settings.
Did Cliff think of everything? What an incredibly well thought out device
the II is.
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yes, thats great. We can override all patches save our own patches (per bank) to flash - load the factory ones later, restore our own ones and so on - all with the Axe itself.

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Remember guys that the backups and restore functions occur at the BANK level, not preset.

Remember too, that the "System" backup will make a copy of:
  • All GLOBAL and I/O parameter settings
  • All TUNER settings
  • All USER CAB IRs
to flash ROM. It will also overwrite all of those items when you RESTORE.
Adjust your use accordingly..!
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