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We don't get enough updates Thread


I get all excited when I see the new firmware. Last night I wanted to check out the newly G3'd amp but it sounded so right I couldn't get off the first preset.


I came here hoping to think of something clever to say… but having just downloaded v18.12, I've got to go check it out.

Just remember that you can't please everybody. If Christ himself reappeared in Washington DC, cured cancer, ended global hunger, eliminated racial prejudice, stopped war and initiated a new era of world peace and universal joy, you'd still get some defense contractor complaining that his sales are down. Sheesh.


Now we also need a blue tooth interface to update automatically, even if it's in the middle of a gig. We should never miss an update again. It happened to me once at FW 9.7, I've unintenionaly skipped the 9.8. I was sad until 11.3.


Power User
It's fantastic!!!
One can time traveling now!!!
load the 9.0 and you are in the past...load the 18.12 and you are ... back to the future (here start Power of Love riff!) :lol


It's kinda funny: Vintage analog gear is "warmer" while modern gear is "sharper." But digital is completely opposite!

"Vintage" digital is full of highs while modern gear seeks warmth...
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