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We all just made the Endangered Species list...


You know, as someone that totally agrees with his assertion, that totally sounds like a guitar vst (given, so do some human guitarists).



That was quite spectacular. The drumming in particular really blew my mind -- being able to get such nuanced hits out of hydraulic systems is really crazy.


That is pretty cool!

It's a nice piece of music, regardless of who (or what) plays it... there were some very tasty runs on both the guitar and drums :)


I'll worry about it when they can come up with that on their own.. meanwhile, some incredibly talented individual is telling them what to play, how hard to play it and when to play it.. ;)
Let's see if you can book that band for a few bottles of whiskey and some slabs of beer......

Technically some very good stuff, but sooooo boring. Like has been said though, there are plenty of musicians that play just as mechanically and I find them just as boring. I tend to listen to a song or two of people like that, go "that's pretty incredible", then throw something enjoyable on. Very rarely can make it through an album. Not saying I would be able to tell you it was a machine playing, just that it's boring regardless.

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Pretty cool to watch and I find the technology interesting. About 2/3 of the way thru it sounded like something Emerson, Lake, and Palmer would play...:shock
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