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Walrus Audio MAKO D1 Demo


Well...I would say likely my ability would be the biggest factor to start with. I cannot seem to get the mod, filter, breakup on delays to sit the same as my Timeline and what I hear on this pedal....the drive section seems to be the part I have the problem dialing in...it seems to be too far back in the mix maybe and does not seem to compress/degrade similar? I'll work with it more when my FM3 arrives and see if I can get it close.
I love the filters and mod on this...I wish I could dial in the same feel on the Axe.
I honestly believe that the Axe FX III can dial any sound imaginable. I haven't been able to NOT dial something I have in my mind. That said, for me the thing about using pedals with it, is that a pedal is basically someone's interpretation of a certain sound. Sometimes that's cool.

I think what could be the next huge thing for the Axe FX (would like to know @FractalAudio 's thoughts), is to create a sub-menu similar to BLOCK LIBRARIES, but of presets of blocks for every single Effect.

For example, say I dialed in a nice amp tone. Now I want to slap on a delay. I don't want to CREATE or TWEAK much. So I access this "BLOCK PRESET LIBRARY" (or whatever name) and pull up a "DD3 style delay".... or a "Memory Man" stye..... or "The Edge" style..... already preset. It would be different from a "TYPE" or an actual preset in that you could just

I realize this unite can be a blank canvas for dialing any sound imaginable, but sometimes, (and trust me, I love to tweak) I like when the unit offers me an option that maybe I wouldn't have thought of. Maybe I don't want to kill inspiration by trying to dial in a delay and losing the flow. Maybe I can just turn on the Delay Block pull up the Library Block, and scroll through delay presets.

I do realize that there are a couple of block libraries roaming around... but maybe an official Fractal one that can be downloaded from the official site after purchasing a unit would be helpful for this.
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