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Fingers and hands usually heal well enough to still play- check out Chris Poland’s pinky that healed wrong and it doesn’t bend now-
which had to be traumatic for a legit legato player like him- but would be no big loss for Mike Schenker who never uses his pinky- like ever.
You can even spare a couple fingers on each hand and still play if you really wanted too.
Its your ears that you should be praying for- and possibly your liver as well if life without the option of having an IPA frightens you as much as it does me.
With the Fractal stuff you can always sound great at safe volume- I feel like the significance of that is overlooked or under appreciated relative to potential hearing issues for both younger and older guitarist.
I feel you as a homebrewer, I love me some IPA, and I love my music LOUD


I can't sell my FM3 before purchase and be left fractal-less haha
Very good thinking!!!

Back in the day when the Axe II was announced, I sold my ultra shortly after the announcement and was fractal-less for a period of time. Dark days indeed. It was during this time I Iearned what the true meaning of the word "soon" was.

I happened to see a standard popup for sale 2 hours from me and told my boss I was taking the rest of the day off to go pick it up. From that day forward I vowed to never go fractal-less again!

William Mims

I won't go Fractal-less...
I floated my Axe 3 MkII on one of my cards and didn't sell the MkI until I had everything loaded and tested on the new MkII. Didn't cost a dime of interest.
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