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Hey all, is it ok to plug a wah into the front of the Axe, where instrument goes? Or is there a better place.

I don't have MFC yet, but still have a dime bag wah.



I run several pedals in front of the axe before the input with no issues. It works just like running in front of a standard amp.


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I think there are a few members on this forum that use it just like that,
however if that's optimal or not I don't know. I don't know about the Dimebag wah,
but back when I used a dunlop crybaby , I noticed that thing sucked a whole lot of tone ..

I did modify it to be true bypass and that helped ..

Sorry I couldn't give you a definitive answer



Just an idea. When you do this you could experiment with the input imedence settings on your presets. You may find a different setting sounds best with pedals in the chain. I don't know from experience though because I haven't run pedals in front of the Axe.
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