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Wah for clean funky stuff, couldn't figure it out.


I can't seem to get good crybaby style wah sounds for my cleans, for driven sounds they work fine but, for cleans, too many irritating freqs I'm getting out of it, they don't sound natural. And the tone is getting "distorted" not in saturation way but, frequency way.

What am I doing wrong? I put the wah block before everything as usual. I use auto engage ep-1.

v11 firmware. I'm a huge fan of my crybaby 95q also.


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Especially for the clean wah stuff Axe-Fx offers great routing possibilities. When wah block is located ín front of amp (the usual and common procedure) you are easily getting unwanted grit from the preamp section. This problem can easily be tackled by locating the wah block AFTER amp block. Additionally place a compressor after the wah and you have even greater control for this effect.


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As my scandinavian neighbourhood from the Sweden said :) Of course you need to be careful with the compressor so late on the signal chain, basically you just just want to limit the peaks out and not to destroy the dynamics.


And how could i do that?
Try using the multi-band compressor if you're putting it after the cab block. You can dial in a specific amount of compression for specific frequency ranges so you don't over compress your signal.


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Try these settings (my "Let's Get It On" wah :lol )

Type: Clyde
Log: 30A
freq min: 450 Max: 2100 Res: 5.5 Level: - 6db
Drive: 0 Fat .4 Tracking: 8.8
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