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Voodoo Lab Ground Control Pro as Master Controller


Hi! My name is Diego... I’m new to the Axe FXIII and could really use some help in setting up my GCP as a more traditional pedalboard.

I’m hoping that I could ultimately engage/disengage effects within a preset via this MIDI controller, and possibly assign one switch as a master looper, and possibly one for tap tempo if it’s doable.

Quite frankly, I’m not incredibly well versed in MIDI CC# and the general MIDI language so I’m feeling a little overwhelmed and like I’ve hit a dead end.

If anyone could please enlighten me on how I could make this connection possible it would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for the quick responses people!!!

I’ve enabled the VCA to be on, but now I’m absolutely lost as to how I’ll link switches 1-8 to blocks in the program.

Do I set that up inside the Fractal unit or via Axe Edit?

I’ve read the step by step multiple times and at that last bit (which I’ve included in the screenshot) I’m completely lost.

Please forgive me for being so dense lol


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Hi Dickie... Found a killer deal on the Ground Control and with the price difference and the wait (at the time it was backordered) I needed something ASAP for some gigs coming up.

The FC12 would be great but my gear budget is completely spent lol.

Is there an article that addresses this setup with more detail? The article posted above, and especially that “how to” video was rather useless and assuming one is more well versed in MIDI. I’m hoping to find a little bit more detail/walkthrough of these final steps.

If you had any pointers of other articles or videos I’d appreciate it!


Damn!!! Figured it out. Thanks to all who chimes in and tried to steer me in the right direction.

I have a further question...

When a patch that already has an effect block on, how can I get that light to indicate it’s state (on/off) on the GCP?

currently, if I hit the switch of a pedal already on, the controller sends a redundant message of it already being on, so I need to tap it twice to turn it off. A minor inconvenience but that could be problematic/confusing with a performance.

I’d appreciate any input! Thank you to all!!!
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