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Volume Question


I like to play in the 80-85db range in my basement, i've had a problem making my presets sound great at that volume. I have to really crank an overdrive to make it not sound thin. For example, most people say that for Guns and Roses and AC/DC tone, you don't need much gain. However, when I try this at this db level, it always sounds thin and weak. If I turn up the level to around 90 then It sounds really good and full. It's almost the exact same problem as people get when trying to play a tube amp and can't crank it. What am I not doing right, any suggestions?
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Google "Equal Loudness Contours", also commonly referred to as Fletcher-Munson curves (one specific set of contours). Your ear's frequency response curve changes as listening volume changes. Basically at low volumes, Mids sound louder. At high volumes, the curve flattens out more and you hear more lows and highs (fuller more even sound). If you want the same full sound at lower volumes, you'll likely need to boost the lows and highs a touch. Your presets will usually need to be dialed in for their specific intended listening volume. Presets made at low volume often don't sound right at high volume and vice versa. Your listening environment will affect this a lot too, since at higher volumes acoustic resonances and room modes will be more pronounced.


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That's it. Hearing is an environmental experience. Don't worry about where the knob sits if you like the sound. It really is all relative.


Ok, thanks for the response. I've looked into Fletcher Munson, mine almost seems the opposite, i hear too much bass and not enough mids, is that weird? Another question, does it matter where you have the output level on the actual Axe unit? I barely have mine up? Is that knob the same as the level know in Axe Edit?

I can get power chords to sound really good but for some reason full chords don't sound great, they seem muddy.


I find the Cornford model sounds like a horrible, buzzy abomination at low volume levels, but really sings at higher volume levels. I don't think any amount of EQing will fix this, so I just turn up the volume when I want to use the Cornford.

Problem solved.
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