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Volume block acting weird ?!


New here
I have been using the same setup since i bought ax8 3 years ago.
When using my Boss FV-30 H as a volume pedal. The signal supposed to be on when in toe position and off when in heel position. Now the signal turns off (or fade off) when i press my heel until i reach 0 then it turns on again by it self (just after a second like it is on 100) so eventually in both positions im getting the signal to be on. its very strange ?! Anyone else experiencing the same ?
I tried different cable, different pedal, I Re- calibrated the pedal but im still having the problem
when using the same pedal as wah it functions as it should, So the problem is only with Volume block.
Any help would be appreciated.


New here
Do you hav a preset so I can check this on my unit?

Edit: Which firmware do you use?
Im using the latest firmware 10.1 and i think the problem started after i did the update. Its the same on every preset (factory and axe change are also applied).


Fractal Fanatic
Do you have 'Auto-Engage' turned on? That would bypass the Vol/Pan block at heel down, causing full volume to pass through, if the bypass mode is set to 'Thru'..


New here
I always had auto engage on and it was functioning well, volume would fade out on heel down. anyway i did as you guys mentioned and turned it off and that's solved the problem. thanks guys !!
tbh i never paid attention that bypass mode should be mute when auto engage in on.


tbh i never paid attention that bypass mode should be mute when auto engage in on.
This is only because auto engage is turning the block off and on. Auto engage also means “auto bypass.”

There’s really no reason for a volume block to need auto engage. If you want the volume to be 0 at heel down, that’s what the volume pedal is already doing. No need to also bypass the block at that point.

If you DO bypass the block and want the sound to be 0, then yes, you need to set Bypass mode to Mute. That makes it mute when bypassed.
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