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Voltage drop causing issues?


This is not an AXE FX issue per se, but I know there are a lot of smart people on here who might be able to help.

I have my Axe FX3 plugged into a Furman M-8D along with my Fryette LXII. I noticed after switching on the Fryette, the voltage drops from 119 to 117 and sometimes below. At that point I notice clipping of the signal and static. Sometimes rebooting things help and the voltage goes back up to 119. It’s a pretty small drop to cause that sort of consequence.

Has anyone else experienced this? Should I pick up a regulator?


According to the manual the input Voltage range is 90–264 VAC. A variation between 117 and 119 is no problem.


Thanks for the response. The Axe works like a champ. I think it’s the power amp. But it’s such a small drop I would think the Fryette wouldn’t have an issue. Unless it’s something else.
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