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Vocoder: the least used effect block?

Do you use the Vocoder block? (for Axe-Fx III users)

  • Yes

    Votes: 11 12.6%
  • No

    Votes: 39 44.8%
  • I would if I knew how ...

    Votes: 37 42.5%

  • Total voters


i do like using vocoders....they're especially cool with textural guitar loops and carrier audio like drum loops, human speech etc

the vocoder in the axe seems a little "weak" compared to others i've tried (the one in ableton is especially good) and it's tricky to use in the axe, because unless you feed audio in from another source, you've got nothing to act as the carrier...so it's kinda difficult to use it as an effect (although i have tried it using the synth block)

if the vocoder completely disappeared in an update, i'm not sure anybody would even notice


this could be due to people mostly using the axe to recreate "classic tones" and the vocoder, ring mod and resonator aren't really represented there.

if you're looking to create a unique tone for your own, pop in a block you have no idea what it does, and mess around :D
Still been meaning to hook my mic up and try it out as I've always wanted to try one. I know it's not the same thing but I always loved a talk box too.


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Maybe I should have changed my vote to maybe if I new how.

It's not a tone I have ever chased, but I suppose, it is a fun one to have in the arsenal.


Power User
I’m working on a song now that’s going to utilize a vocoder in the verses, I’ve been hunting for a suitable plug-in to do it, while my III is my main interface. I totally forgot it was in there!


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I saw the block, I just have no idea how it works. There's a few blocks like that (the resonator 2112 mentioned). If it prefers a feed I'll have to figure out the usb in block and all that fun stuff.


I asked Cooper Carter for a tutorial cos I have some dificulty setting up the vocoder / AF-III in respect to the mic. Don't have a mic. amp to beef up the signal to line level. Would like to use it.


Fractal Fanatic
Never use it. I've messed around w/ it a few times in my DAW but even when I do electronica that's not my style. Although I suppose if I knew how to use it properly I would ... that video is cool! (and it's an Ultra and still sounds great ;-)

** I do use the Ring Modulator pretty frequently - great for funky basslines, creating synthy sounds, and stuff.


I have an EHX V256 strapped to the top of my Axe. I use a vocoder in lieu of a talkbox for a lot of reasons, and often turn to it for solos instead of a wah. I've been curious about the block, but then I would need to setup a preamp, and add routing to send the bypassed mic signal out separately to the mixer as I dislike needing another mic for regular vocals. At this point, easier to use gear I already have..


I tried to use it before (I have a dedicated vocoder pedal as well), but couldn’t get it to work correctly without an external preamp, which kind of defeats the purpose for me.


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To be honest I haven't used it in the axefx 3 yet as i dont have an exp pedal hooked up but did use the voice exp on the boss me50 and gt10 respectively which I assume is the same function. Same with the resonator. But yeah I'd use this over a wah pedal for most things back in the day as it was just different and could work with delays in great ways
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