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Virtual Mics for IRs


We all remember when we had mic "emulations" in the cab block.
Now that there are a bunch of mics emulations offering from Slate, Antelope and Townsend Labs, wouldn't it be great to have a similar system in the Axe for IRs?

Let me explain: IR manufacturers would shoot IRs of cabs with one of these mics, either made by Fractal or if Fractal has an agreement with one of those manufacturer.
Now since the emulation is inside the Axe, no need to shoot hundreds of different IRs, just of different position.
Even then, no need to shoot at different distances (see Slate's proximity fader).
So you get a couple IR of a particular cab instead of hundreds of files.

You upload them in the Axe and in the Cab block you choose the mic emulation you want, which would be compatible with the IR. You then slide the proximity fader to what you like. Boom done.

This can already be done in a Daw: Shoot IR with one of these mic, load the IR in Cab-Lab, then put the mic emulation after and scroll through the mics for the one you like.

I'm pretty sure this is the future of IR, but we'll see!

Let me know what you think!


You can still do it, and the old mic IR’s were posted on the forum, so you can add those in if you really want, BUT, these days most IR’s already include the mic or mic blend as part of the IR

So if you want a certain speaker with a certain mic, you just use the IR captured with that mic, no need to really do any extra work


Well the mic emulations from those companies are better than the old ones we have as they are matched to the source.

Where I'm coming from is good especially for IR makers. They won't have to produce IRs with a bunch of mics anymore. Just use an emulation mic, record different position and that's it. Emulation would be part of the system.
Obviously there would need to be a standard for this to work. One mic that everyone would use.

Also for the users, you load a couple IRs instead of 100 to find the one you like. Just change the mic in the system.

And since those mic emulates proximity, you don't even have to record IR at different distances.

dr bonkers

Fractal Fanatic
Mic emulation tech at this point is still in its infancy.

Those of us who have a collection of real mics would be hard pressed to take a step backwards in quality.

It's akin to people making Kemper profiles of other modelers' amp emulations. It's a copy of a copy.

People tried that with in the past with shooting ir files with Earthworks mics and imposing mic emulations on them. To my ears that was not great at all.


I have 2 Slate ML-2 and they are pretty close to the real thing. I was not able to compare all of the mics since I don't own all of the them, but those I have are pretty close. Close enough that you won't hear it in the mix.
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