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Vintage Blues/Rock - maybe??


So I watched the documentary "IT MIGHT GET LOUD" and I was really intrigued with Jack White, Jimmy Page and The Edge's tones. Its a honky, thick tone with loads of reverb.

I did what I could to reproduce the sound using the axefx. I must say, I'm really happy with the tone and hope you guys enjoy the tune.

I apologize ahead of time for the slide abuse. I'm not a slide player at all. Just trying something different.

Hope you guys like this one.



In fact, I'd love to know the amp model and cab used.... or even better post the preset if it doesn't contain any commercial cabs etc.


Hey guys, I'm using the ML USA Djent SM57 D1 cab so I can post the preset as is. I will mess with it later this week to see if I can get a similar tone using a regular cab.

Here is high level what I am using:

Drive 1 - Face Fuzz
Drive 2 - TS808 OD
Chorus - Dimension 1 (Clean Only)
TremPan - Tremolo (to taste)
Amp - Vibrato Verb AA
Cab - ML USA Djent SM57 D1
Enhance - Modern
Delay - Digital Mono
Reverb 1 - Small Room
Reverb 2 - Studio

I tried the patch with a few different guitars and pickups and its tough to get close without the pickups in the Solo6 Vintage. (Duncan Designed FG101 and HB102).

Still with some tweaking its possible.
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